[Leo Genn, British stage and screen actor.] Typed Letter Signed ('Leo Genn') to 'Miss Grundy', on his forthcoming film 'Green for Danger', his preference for the theatre over the screen, and his playing 'strong stuff'.

Leo Genn [Leopold John Genn] (1905-1978), English stage and screen actor
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'c/o Two Cities Films, | 15, Hanover Square, | London, W.1.' June 1946.
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2pp, 12mo. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper, with binder holes in one margin. Folded once. He apologises for not answering her letter sooner, but he has been 'buried in a film studio for the past four months'. She will know that the film he is working on is 'Green for Danger'. The film has a planned autumn release. He is glad she liked the film of Shakespeare's 'Henry V': 'It is not surprising that you haven't seen me before as it was my first picture since the beginning of the war, as the Army took up most of my time.' He would prefer 'a stage appearance' to 'film making', but there is 'little hope', as he is 'tied up with pictures until sometime early next year, except that I hope to do the sequel to the “Men of Property,” when it is done on the air in November'. He is not sure he understands her 'distinction between strong parts and the hero type of role', but he has always 'played what I imagine you mean by strong stuff'. He ends with the news that he is sending her a signed photograph.