[Norman Nicholson, Cumbrian poet, to the playwright Christopher Fry.] Typed Letter Signed ('Norman Nicholson') on his wife's death and his approaching seventieth birthday: 'I may be able to finish a poem – my first for three years!'

Norman Nicholson [Norman Cornthwaite Nicholson] (1914-1987), poet of Millom, Cumbria [Christopher Fry (1907-2005), playwright]
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14 St George's Terrace, Millom, Cumbria. 4 January 1984.
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1p, landscape 12mo. In good condition, folded twice. With envelope addressed to Fry at his East Dean address. Fry has written at the head of the cover of the envelope: 'From Norman Nicholson'. After thanking Fry for his 'good wishes at Christmas', Nicholson continues: 'I, too, am sorry that we have not met, which – unless you are ever in Cumberland – seems less likely than ever, as I am much less mobile since the death of my wife.' He presumes Fry has learnt of his bereavement from Edward Lowbury, 'for I know that you were a friend of his father-in-law's'. Regarding his wife's death he writes: 'I feel as if the scaffolding had been kicked out from under my life.' Nevertheless people have been kind, and he is 'well looked-after by two of my wife's ex-pupils. There's even a good chance that I may be able to finish a poem – my first for three years! | And, at any rate, on the date of writing, I am able to sing: “I'm seventy come Sunday.”