[James Robertson Justice, Sir Compton Mackenzie and Michael Maclagan at the Oxford Union, 1955.] Autograph Signatures of the three men, on Oxford Union Society leaflet for the 'Eights Week Debate', 'This House Would Never Be Young Twice.'

James Robertson Justice [James Norval Harald Justice] (1907-1975), film actor; Sir Compton Mackenzie [Sir Edward Montague Compton Mackenzie] (1883-1972), novelist; Michael Maclagan (1914-2003), herald
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Oxford Union Society leaflet, dated from 'Christ Church | May 24th, 1955'.
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A nice piece of Oxford Union ephemera, with the three signatures - 'James Robertson-Justice.', 'Compton Mackenzie' and 'Michael Maclagan' - printed in a row on the otherwise blank reverse of the 25.5 x 20.5 cm leaf, which is aged and worn, with closed tears to extremities and a fold line. Printed beneath the text of the advertisement on the other side of the paper is an attractive illustration in imitation of infant drawing, printed in brown, red, green black and white on a pink ground. The entire text reads: 'OXFORD UNION SOCIETY | Thursday, May 26th, 1955, at 8.15 p.m. | EIGHTS WEEK DEBATE | Visit of | Mr. MICHAEL MACLAGAN | Mr. JAMES ROBERTSON JUSTICE | and | Sir COMPTON MACKENZIE | Question for Debate: | "This House Would Never Be Young Twice." | Proposed by Mr. ALEC GRANT, Merton | Opposed by Mr. PETER CHILVER, St. Edmund Hall | Mr. MICHAEL BROWN, Wadham, will speak third | Mr. MICHAEL MACLAGAN, Christ Church and Trinity, will speak fourth | Mr. JAMES ROBERTSON JUSTICE, J. Arthur Rank Organisation, | will speak fifth | Sir COMPTON MACKENZIE, Magdalen, will speak sixth | The Division will be taken at the conclusion of the sixth speech. | Teller for the Ayes | Mr. MICHAEL ARNOLD, Wadham | Teller for the Noes | MR. FRED SIEGLER, St. Catherine's | Christ Church | May 24th, 1955 | ANTHONY HOWARD | President'.