[Ruby Dunn, widow of Sussex poet Peter Dunn, writes to Christopher Fry.] Autograph Letter Signed to Fry from Ruby Dunn, discussing the effect on her of editing her husband's work, with duplicated copies of his poems.

Peter Dunn (1918-c.1998), Sussex poet, naturalist and printer (Poet and Printer, Hatch End), and his widow Ruby Dunn [Christopher Fry (1907-2005), playwright, leading exponent of dramatic verse]
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Letter with printed label of 84 Eldred Avenue, Withdean, E. Sussex; 17 October 1998.
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Dunn was a teacher (presumably at Dulwich College), Sussex naturalist and poet. Around 1984 he published his own poem 'Death of a Scarecrow' at his Poet and Printer press, Hatch End. The present collection, from the Christopher Fry papers, is in good condition, lightly aged. ONE: Autograph Letter Signed ('Ruby Dunn') to Christopher Fry. 1p, 12mo. She begins by asking him to accept a 'small token' of her thanks 'for a memorable occasion', presumably a memorial reading of Dunn's poems in which Fry was involved. She continues: 'I can think of no greater pleasure for me, Peter's widow. He wrote his last poems laboriously - too weak to type them.' She explains that the poems in the selection 'move backwards in time, and span a period of 45 to 50 years. Choosing and rereading them has proved a nostalgic and sad experience; and they represent a minute quantity of his full output over those years.' The process has 'strengthened' her in her 'determination to publish more, on his behalf.' Clearly angling, she appeals for help, 'as I am not the best judge, but trust it may come some day'. She signs off with 'best wishes and affection'. TWO: Fifteen pages of photocopies of Dunn poems. Each page printed on a separate leaf of yellow, green and blue paper. Five of the pages duplicate pp.2-11 of Dunn's 'Selection from Flowering Grasses' ('Printed by The College Press | Dulwich Village' [1956]), reproducing fourteen of his poems. Another six pages carry copies of a poem apiece in typescripts, some with duplication of manuscript emendation. The poems are: 'Convulvulus' (October/September 1957); 'Badger in the Suburbs' from November 1957; ''The Blackbird: on Easter Saturday' (Winning Poem, Sussex Poet of the Year Competition, 1984); 'For Derrick, born September 2nd. 1903' ('?1995'); 'From Shri Krishna in England. | Shyama dresses to meet Radha in early springtime' (undated); and 'Jackdaws at Beachy Head' (undated). The last four pages carry copies of manuscript poems: 'So no more tears' ('?1995'); 'Called In Feb 1998'; 'The Request' (April 1998); untitled, beginning 'One day | One of us | Will not be here | or there | or anywhere' (1998).