[ H.E. Armstrong; chemistry ] Autograph Letter Signed to Thorpe about an article being considered for publication in a scientific journal (Nature?].

H.E. Armstrong (1848-1937), Chemist
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Lewisham, 19 May 1885.
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Two pages, 12mo, good condition. Text: I enclose [Muller's?] letter about [Mrs Greens?] paper. I saw him to-day & one or two other members of the Pub. Comm. All are interested, but the opinion seems to be that the paper is not quite 'severe' enough for us & also that it should receive wider notice than it would get if published in our pages. Dr Muller would be glad to [send?] it to Crookes or Lockyer if you & Mrs Green approve; you ought also to send a copy to the Lancet or Medical Times. | Did you and Young prepare Guthries' Amylene + N2O4 compound from your product of the decomposition of paraffin under pressure? | In haste.