[ W. Macqueen-Pope, theatre historian; Marie Lloyd ] Typescript of Marie Lloyd - as I knew her

W. Macqueen-Pope, theatre historian [Marie Lloyd]
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BBC, Broadcast 1951; Printed Version in London Calling, Issues, 615-640, p.48.
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Typescript (carbon), Seven pages, 4to, good condition. the text as Macqueen-Pope typed it had a good crop of typos (for example, we justvcllaed for we just called), some elision, but just two annotations (the correction of the spelling of weasels, and change of a pub name from the Kings Head to the Cromwell Arms). A comprehensive and enthusiastic biography. With two Typed Letters Signed Kay Fuller, Talks Producer, General Overseas Service, (29 March 1951) acknowledging receipt of he script which I greatly look forward to reading She has given up the idea of inserting a song into your talk. The discs are so old and of such poor quality that we cannot risk them for short-wave transmission. It is most disappointing. She'll be in touch with a recording date. (6 April 1951) confirming the date of Macqueen-Pope's recording of the broadcast talk.