[H.M.S. Tyne, Flagship; Japan; Pacific Fleet] Two Typescripts (cyclostyled or similar): H.M.S. Tyne's Commission. Pacific Fleet 1944-46 AND Guide to Japan AND Plan of Yokohama Port

H.M.S. Tyne, Flagship; Japan; Pacific Fleet
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1944-46 AND 21 March 1946.
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A. H.M.S. Tyne's Commission. Pacific Fleet 1944-46, typescript (cyclostyled or similar), 14pp., fol., stapled, small coloured image of desert island with palm trees on front cover, covers dusted, sl. chipped and stained, but complete and fully legible. Preliminary page detailed list of places visited on the way to Yokohama (dates, distances, etc). Then The Commission of 'H.M.S. Tyne', 1944-46, pp.1-14, details and descriptions of voyage and stops- Port Said, Trincomalee, Sydney, Japanese ports, etc., including wartime activity as it affected the Fleet (e.g. from prickly heat to Japanese counter-attack). For example: The atmosphere of Japan in defeat was unexpected. Physically the urban districts of Yokohama and Tokyo, with which we became familiar, were almost totally destroyed [...] The reaction of the average Japanese to the Allied Occupation forces seemed to be that of an hotel keeper towards tourists [...] | The first port of call was Nagasaki [...] in large measure destroyed by the second atomic bomb in August, 1945. It was with great curiosity that we went ashore to inspect the results of this formidable weapon [followed by detailed description][...].B. Memorandum. Guide to Japan, [24]pp., folio, crudely bound, dusted but fully legible. P.[1] Office of Flag Officer Force 'T' | H.M.S.Tyne (at Yokohama) | 21st March, 1946. || [...] || Memorandum || GUIDE TO JAPAN. | (Short Title 'G.J.') || The following notes have been compiled from Reports of Proceedings and other information supplied by ships as a result of visits to the places named. | 2. Commanding Officers are requested to forward amendments and amplifying reports as requisite. | [all underlined] On finally leaving Jpanese waters, ships are to return their copies to the Senior British Naval Officer (Afloat), Tokyo. | [Illegible Signature] Rear Admiral. || Distribution [underined] | The Commander in Chief, | British Pacific Fleet. (5 copies) [other Commanding Officers total 7 copies].. Text comprises Index (General; Section II Resorts; Section III Ports - numbered but many numbers awaiting further information as follows: Section I - General (nos. 1 and 2 filled in but nos.3-25. awaiting information; Section II - Resorts (nos. 101 (Map)- 115 filled in (Atami to Echigo Yuzawa) but 116-125 awaiting information; Section III - Ports (nos.201-207 filled in (Kagoshima to Toba) but nos 208-225 awaiting information. Subjects include: travel by rail (Free for Allied Forces); Japanese Inns and Hotels; MAP (sort of blueprint); brief words on Resorts inc. Kyoto and a skiing resort; brief words, including information about Occupying forces and Facilities, incl. Nagasaki (The man attraction is a visit to the Atom bomb area). Quite a lot of white space, presumably to give room for further information.C. Yokohama Port, Plan Based on Jap. H.O. Charts 60, 63, 67. Confidential (top right), 38 x 48cm, folded, good + condition. No other copies traced.