[Michael Frankael, writer associated with Henry Miller.] Printed item: leaflet advertising his various publications, with ‘Press Opinions’ including Aldous Huxley, Havelock Ellis and Henry Miller.

Michael Fraenkel (1896-1957), avant-garde writer and proprietor of the Carrefour Press, associated with Henry Miller
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No date [early 1940s]. Order from The Argus Book Shop, Chicago.
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6pp, 8vo: with three pages beside one another on each side of a strip that folds in on itself. In fair condition, on lightly worn and discoloured paper. Front page with ‘Michael Fraenkel’ and list of five publications: ‘Death Is Not Enough / (Essays in Active Negation) / Werther’s Younger Brother / (The Story of an Attitude) / Death In A Room / (Poems 1927-1930) / Bastard Death / (The Autobiography of an Idea) / Hamlet, Volumes I and II / with HENRY MILLER’. The three pages pages beside one another on one side give thirteen ‘Press Opinion’, ending with those of ‘Aldous Huxley, London’, ‘Stuart Gilbert, London’, ‘Havelock Ellis, London’ and lastly, and at length, ‘Henry Miller, Paris’. On the reverse of the third leaf are press opinions of ‘Hamlet, Volumes I and II’, from Michael March, Harry Levin and Paul Rosenfeld’. Prices and details for ordering are on the back cover.