[John Hollond or Holland, Navy; Manuscript] Breife [sic] Discourse of the Navy [?] Mr Holland

John Hollond [ HOLLOND or HOLLAND, JOHN (fl. 1638-1659), naval writer. See fuller biography in Notes].
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C17th[?]. See Image.
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Incomplete. Part only of Hollond's First Discourse, [32]pp. [unnumbered], 9 x 23cm, unbound, some stitching, some staining sl. obscuring text, initial text faint, but all legible. Distributed in MS The (incomplete text covers pp.[2]-32 of The Naval Record Society printed text, concluding expected from poor men under. Numerous textual variants eg. [Naval Records text beholding; MS. beholden]. Apparently few copies of the MS version survive (see Naval Record Society text, p.lxxxii). Note: HOLLOND or HOLLAND, JOHN (fl. 1638-1659), naval writer; paymaster of navy before 1635 till c.1642; one of commissioners for navy, 1642 till c.1645; member of 'committee of merchants for regulation of navy and customs,' 1649; surveyor of the navy, 1649; member of parliament's commission of navy, 1649-52; wrote 'First Discourse of the Navy,' 1638, and 'Second Discourse,' 1659.