[The Artists’ Rifles, British Army regiment.] Privately printed booklet: ‘Artists’ Rifles. Songs for Marching & Camp.’ With ownership signature of ‘J W Mackay’ [James Waite Mackay].

The Artists’ Rifles, regiment of the British Army, raised in London by Edward Sterling in 1859, now the 21 Special Air Service Regiment (Artists) (Reserve) [James Waite Mackay]
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Undated, but around 1916. [The Artists’ Rifles, London.] ‘For Private Circulation only.’
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A scarce piece of regimental ephemera: no copies found on JISC or WorldCat. 32pp, 16mo. Stitched into grey paper wraps, with the regiment’s Minerva and Mars device and the title printed on the cover, and with ‘For Private Circulation only’ at bottom left. Inscribed at top right ‘J W Mackay’. (For James Waite Mackay (fl. 1923), educated at Aberdeen University, who signed up in 1916, in which year he was also a cadet at the Officer Training Corps, see ‘The Regimental Roll of Honour and War Record of the Artists' Rifles’, 3rd ed (1922).) In fair condition only, on lightly-discoloured paper with wear at corners and to the wraps. The words to 28 songs, without any musical notation, beginning with ‘“Cum Marte Minerva.” / (Original Regimental Chorus.) / Words by George Cayley. Air by Salvator Rosa.’ and ending with ‘They all Love Jack. / (Regimental March.)’ Also featured are: ‘The Elephant Battery’, ‘Nancy Dawson’, ‘Drink, Puppy, Drink!’, ‘The British Grenadiers’, ‘Solomon Levi (with 'Chatham Street' substituted for the 'Salem Street' of the American original)’, ‘Dar’s one more Ribber for to cross’, ‘Here’s a Health unto His Majesty!’, ‘The Massacre of Macpherson’. See Image