Autograph Letters Signed to Brougham from Canon Flemyng; and Autograph Card Signed to Brougham from his grandson Henry Brougham.

Henry William Brougham, Dean of Lismore [Henry Brougham; Canon W. W. Flemyng]
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Brougham's card, 12 May 1904, on letterhead 'BROUGHAM HOUSE, | WELLINGTON COLLEGE STATION, | BERKS.' Flemyng's letter, 10 March 1906, on letterhead 'Coolfin, Portlaw, Co. Waterford'.
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Flemyng was a noted authority in the field of Irish lepidoptery, and published a number of papers on the subject between 1877 and 1919. Both items concern the Latin saying 'ne sutor ultra crepidam' or 'sutor ne supra crepidam judicaret'. HENRY BROUGHAM'S CARD: one page, five and a half inches by three and a half; addressed, with postmarked stamp, on reverse. Extremely grubby. Reads 'Dear Granpy | The Dictionary references to Sutor, ne supra crepidam (judicaret) are | PLINY 35, 10, 36, 85 | c.f. Val. Max. 8, 12, fin. | Papim is sending a few pansy-blossoms hoping you won't be jealous. with love to everyone your loving grandson | Henry Brougham'. FLEMYNG'S LETTER: four pages, 12mo. Extremely grubby, on stained, discoloured paper. Regarding the phrase 'ne sutor ultra crepidam' he 'first must confess my great forgetfulness in thinking that the i was long. [...] Of course it means "Let not the shoemaker go beyond his last." This censure was very properly addressed by Apelles to a certain Shoemaker who found fault with an ill-painted slipper in one of his pictures, but when he presumed to extend his criticism to other parts of the painting, he betrayed so much ignorance as to elicit from the painter this rebuke. We should all be slow in offering our opinions in any art or profession, with the principles of wh. we are unacquainted.' Signed 'W. W. Flemyng'.