Typed Letter Signed to Leslie Bloom of the Gallery First Nighters' Club.

Ian Wallace (born 1919), English baritone singer connected with Flanders and Swann
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29 October 1956; on letterhead 27 Stormont Road, Highgate, London, N.6.
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Two pages, on letterhead of roughly 13.5 x 17.5 cms. He has sent a wire accepting the 'kind invitation'. '[A]s you can imagine we are rehearsing all day and every day at the present [...] The only thing thaht could stop me being with you is that we are, I understand, to record the "Fanny" music for a long-playing record on that Saturday'. He hopes this will not involve an 'evening session', as that Sunday 'will be the first break from performance of the show or rehearsals [...] it would be nice to feel that the evening at least is for jollification [...] it will be both ann honour and a pleasure to be in the company of the Gallery First Nighters' Club on that evening'. In envelope with typed address, three postage stamps, and postmark.