Autograph Signatures of seven leading figures in Victorian horseracing: 'Mornington Cannon', 'Thomas Cannon', 'Sam Darling', 'C. Morton', 'Roderic Owen', 'Leopold de Rothschild' and 'C Tattersall'.

Herbert Mornington Cannon (1873-1962); Thomas Cannon Snr (1846-1917); Samuel Darling (1852-1921); Charles Morton (1855-1936); Roderic Owen (1856-1896); Leopold de Rothschild (1845-1917); C. Tattersall
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Undated [1890s?]
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The seven signatures are each cut from a letter. They are mounted in two columns on a page of grey paper, roughly 22.5 x 27.5 cm, removed from an autograph album. In fair condition, on lightly-aged paper with occasional light spotting. At the head of the page is the word 'Horseman', with each individuals occupation in the same hand on the mount beneath his autograph. One (2.5 x 11 cm): '<...> delivery? | Yrs truly | Roderic Owen' ['Gentleman rider']. Two (5.5 x 11.5 cm): '<...> Yrs truly | Sam Darling' ['trainer']. Three (3.5 x 12 cm): '<...> Yours very sincerely | C. Morton' ['Trainer']. Four (5.5 x 11 cm, with diagonal line through one letter of signature): '<...> Yours <?> | Leopold de Rothschild' ['owner']. Five (4 x 11 cm): '<...> Yours faithfully | Mornington Cannon' ['Jockey']. Six (4 x 11 cm): 'Believe me | Yrs faithfully | Thomas Cannon' ['Jockey']. Seven (7 x 12.5 cm): '<...> have a pleasant <?> | Yours truly | C Tattersall' ['horse seller']. (The Oxford DNB entry on the Tattersall family provides no clue as to the identity of this member of the distinguished family of horse sellers.)