Autograph Note in the third person, with signature ('Wrothsley') on frank.

Sir John Wrothsley [Wrottesley; James Ridgeway, bookseller, Piccadilly, London]
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9 September 1835 [Doncaster].
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12mo, 1 p. Bifolium. Good, on lightly-aged paper, with thin strip of stub adhering to the reverse of the second leaf. Reads 'Sir John Wrothsley requests Mr. Ridgway will direct his Newspapers [corrected from 'Letters'] Post Office Scarborough. The frank reads 'Doncaster September ten 1835 | Mr. Ridgway | Piccadilly | London | [signed] Wrothsley'. Divided circular Doncaster postmark in black, and frank ('FREE | 11SEP11| 1835') in red.