Autograph Manuscript laying out requisites for voyage (to Iceland?). Manuscript, in another hand, for Alpine voyage. Long itemised receipt in German by A. Petersen.

Rev. Charles William Shepherd of Trotterscliffe, of Trinity College, Cambridge ornithologist and traveller; A. Petersen [Iceland; Switzerland; Alpine]
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Item One: 12mo, 4 pp. On aged and foxed paper with slight wear causing loss to a couple of words of text. On two folded 4to leaves, with two pages written by Shepherd in German on the reverse. The list is undated, and the intended location is not named, but the voyage is a major one. Divided into sections including 'Saddles &c', 'Guns & Rods', 'Books' (beginning with 'Shakespeare - Ingoldby - Golden Treasure'), 'Food &c. Fortnum & Mason' (including two gallons of brandy and two quarts of whiskey). Other sections are headed with what are presumably the names of fellow-travellers: 'Edginton' and 'Edminston', 'Nigretti Zambesi, Cassella &c'. The 'Collecting Materials' section reads 'Cases from 35 Charles St. Middlesex Hos. Extra Knives. Cotton Wool. <?> (Plaster of Paris. little) large Scissors. Arsenical Soap & Brushes'. Shepherd toured Iceland in the spring and summer of 1862. His account of the voyage, 'The North-West Peninsula of Iceland', was published five years later. Item Two: Itinerary and list of requisites, in different hand from Item One, apparently for an Alpine tour. 4to, 2 pp. On aged and foxed paper. Itinerary on page headed 'Chamouni 5th Sunday'. List of places, days of week, and number of month, from 'Paris. Wednesday 7.' to 'Zermatt Sun:'. The reverse carries the list of requisites, in two columns. In bottom left-hand corner: 'Poste Restante Chanouny Savoy'. Item Three: Itemised receipt, in German, signed by 'A. Petersen', dated 6 January 1861. Large 8vo, 2 pp. Densely written with numerous entries.