[George III, King of England.] Four documents by King George III, all in his Autograph, giving detailed instructions (retinue, route, accommodation) for a journey into Hampshire, with reference to Fanny Burney and Sir William Pitt's Highfield House

George III (1738-1820), King of England [Sir William Augustus Pitt of Highfield House; Fanny Burney (Madame D'Arblay)]
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For a journey taking in Egham, Basingstoke, Salisbury, Andover, and Sir William Pitt's Highfield House in Hampshire. Probably all written around the same time, between around 1786 and 1790.

Four sets of travel instructions by George III, all in his autograph, none dated but seemingly relating to the same journey, taking in the Highfield House estate of General Sir William Augustus Pitt (c. 1728-1809), and also referring to Egham, Basingstoke, Winsdsor, Andover. A referring to the novelist Fanny Burney (1752-1840), narrows the date of at least one of the documents to between 1786 and 1790, the period during which Burney was a Keeper of the Robes. On four leaves, and totalling 5pp, ranging in size from 4to to long narrow 8vo (see descriptions below for dimensions).

[ Early-Victorian tour of Scotland. ] Manuscript itinerary of a 'Tour through the western part of the midland Counties of Scotland - good or tolerable carriage roads all the way distance to be travelled in all 480 miles or say 500 -'.

[ Scottish tour in early-Victorian period; travel in Scotland in the 1830s ]
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Without place or date. [ On paper watermarked 'R MUNN & Co | 1838'. ]

4pp., 4to. Bifolium. In good condition, on lightly aged and worn paper, and wrapped in a leaf carrying the name 'Miss Sandham' (possible recipient?). Neatly and closely written out over the whole four pages. Beneath the heading: 'May be easily made out in three weeks'.

Autograph Manuscript laying out requisites for voyage (to Iceland?). Manuscript, in another hand, for Alpine voyage. Long itemised receipt in German by A. Petersen.

Rev. Charles William Shepherd of Trotterscliffe, of Trinity College, Cambridge ornithologist and traveller; A. Petersen [Iceland; Switzerland; Alpine]
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Item One: 12mo, 4 pp. On aged and foxed paper with slight wear causing loss to a couple of words of text. On two folded 4to leaves, with two pages written by Shepherd in German on the reverse. The list is undated, and the intended location is not named, but the voyage is a major one. Divided into sections including 'Saddles &c', 'Guns & Rods', 'Books' (beginning with 'Shakespeare - Ingoldby - Golden Treasure'), 'Food &c. Fortnum & Mason' (including two gallons of brandy and two quarts of whiskey).

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