Autograph Letter Signed to "Mr Armstrong" [conceivably the industrialist]. With Autograph Note, initialled, also to Armstrong.

Carl Peters [Karl Peters](1856-1918), German traveller in Africa
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Burlington, Eastbourne, 13 Sept. 1898 and no date [1890s].
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[1898 letter], 2pp., 4to, closed tear on fold but mainly good, text complete and clear. "Here the answer to that vicious article in the Desdener Zeitung" [perhaps he had enclosed a letter or article - no longer present]. He asks for a careful copy and that Armstrong sign it and send it to the newspaper. "They must publish it on the strength of p.11 of our press law" subject to legal penalty. It will make a betetr impression if you sign it as I have spoken in it of my own risks(subscription of £2000 etc.etc)". He asks for another copy to be sent to various individuals (named) and also copies of "the article of the Ruenye-gold in the African review, which is first-class for us as it says a prospecting expedition for four months is sure to pay . . . we shall be the first in the field next season." He thinsk they should get a Berlin bank to take "the whole thing up" [the expedition presumably}. H emakes further arrangements about the copying and sending. [[1890s Note] He says "Think I settled that Frankfurt Zeit. etc. business all right." In a postscript he apologises for missing an appointment. Two items,