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Robert O'Brien, engraver; K. W. Beniczky, New York photographer [ Bloodgood H. Cutter [ Bloodgood Haviland Cutter; Bloodgood Cutter ] (1817–1906), 'The Long Island Farmer Poet'; Mark Twain ]

[ Printed items. ] Steel engraving by 'R. O'Brien' of Bloodgood H. Cutter, 'The New York Farmer Poet', from a photograph by 'Beniczky'. With another leaf bearing a wood-engraving of Cutter, together with another portrait [ of Mark Twain ].

On two leaves. The illustrations on both are undamaged, but both leages are aged and worn, with chipping and closed tears to extremities. Fragile. ONE: Steel engraving: 'Photo. by Beniczky. | Engd by R. O'Brien.' Captioned with a facsimile of Cutter's signature, with 'THE LONG ISLAND FARMER POET...

Samuel Cunliffe Lister, 1st Baron Masham [ Lord Lister ] (1815-1906), Bradford textile baron and inventor [ Sir Albert William Woods (1816-1904), Garter Principal King of Arms ]

[ Samuel Cunliffe Lister, 1st Baron Masham [ Lord Lister ]. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('S. C. Lister') to Sir Albert Woods, regarding his Patent of Peerage.

3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly-aged, with minor traces of tape from mount adhering. On his return home he has found that the Patent of Peerage has arrived safely. 'I had thought "under the Sign Manual" meant the Queens signature, but I see that it only means the impression of...

The Gouzenko Affair, Canada, 1945, and The Kellock–Taschereau Commission, 1946 [ Christopher Bromhead Birdwood (1899-1962), 2nd Baron Birdwood? ]

[ The Gouzenko Affair, Canada, 1945; start of Cold War ] Typed contemporary document titled 'The Story of Igor Gouzenko', with covering note referring to 'Mr. Birdwood'.

[2] + 17pp, 8vo. Lacking the conclusion (one page). On seventeen leaves of paper stapled together, with covering typed note on slip, reading 'PLEASE RETURN TO MR. BIRDWOOD'. The covering leaf carries two sets of initials, one in pencil and one in ink, both ticked through. This may suggest...

Volkswagen GmbH, Wolfsburg, Germany [ Bruce Dudley Ryder (born 1942); German Economic Miracle ]

[ Volkswagen GmbH. ] Large collection of material assembled by English employee B. D. Ryder, including 12 volumes relating to his nine-month survey of VW's German operations, with reports by Ryder and a mass of company ephemera, photographs, etc.

The author Bruce Dudley Ryder was a second-cousin of the present Queen of England – his father Peter Hugh Dudley Ryder (1913-1993; see Who Was Who) having married the Queen's cousin Sarah Susannah Bowes-Lyon – and a great-grandson of the Earl of Harrowby. Ryder had family experience in the...

Science, Medicine and Technology £2,000.00
Ben Davies (1858-1943), Welsh tenor with the Carl Rosa Opera Company [ Herman Finck [ Hermann Van Der Vinck ] (1872-1939), Anglo-Dutch composer ]

[ Ben Davies, Welsh tenor. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Ben Davies.'), expressing condolences to the widow of the composer Herman Finck.

1p., 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. Docketed at head 'Answered'. Reads: 'Dear Mrs Finck - | We were very grieved to hear of the passing of your dear husband & our old friend - will you please accept our deepest sympathy in your great sorrow - & our prayers that you...

Edward Bouverie Pusey (1800-1882), Regius Professor of Hebrew, University of Oxford [ Christ Church; Rev. W. Kay, Lincoln College ]

Printed handbill, produced for display, regarding the Regius Professor of Hebrew's 'Course of Lectures in the Minor Prophets' and 'Three Elementary Hebrew Classes'.

Printed on one side of a 29 x 22.5 cm leaf of wove paper. Heavily worn, with closed tears, creasing and a couple of closed holes. (No loss of text, and would respond well to archival repair.) 21 lines of heavily-leaded text, attractively laid out in three point sizes. Begins: 'The Regius...

Frank Eyton (1894-1962), English popular music lyricist [ Herman Finck [ Hermann Van Der Vinck ] (1872-1939), Anglo-Dutch composer ]

[ Frank Eyton, lyricist. ] Autograph Note Signed ('Frank Eyton') accompanying his typed original humorous poem about road works 'A Finchley Road Cameo'; together with a Typed Letter Signed ('Frank') of reminiscences and family news.

Both items in fair condition, lightly aged and worn. ONE: Typed Poem followed by Autograph Note Signed. 24 December 1937. 2pp., 8vo. The poem consists of eleven four-line stanzas, with the title typed in red. An apparently unpublished humorous poem, quite charming and well worthy of publication...

G. Reginald Bacchus [ George Reginald Bacchus ] (1874-1945), erotic author who published with the Erotika Biblion Society [ Herman Finck [ Hermann Van Der Vinck ] (1872-1939), Anglo-Dutch composer ]

[ George Reginald Bacchus, erotic author. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('G. Reginald Bacchus') to the composer Herman Finch, recounting his early memories of the Palace Theatre.

3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In fair condition, aged and creased. Begins: 'Dear Finch, | Tomorrow - I read - you will have "done time" for a quarter of a century in Cambridge Circus.' He recalls that it is 'just ten months longer - Feb 1892, that I first went into the Cambridge Circus doors to hear "...

Gryphon Club, debating society of Trinity College, Oxford, founded in 1881

[ The Gryphon Club, debating society of Trinity College, Oxford. ] Printed 'Rules of the Gryphon Club, (Founded November, 1881,) Trinity College, Oxford.'

1p., 4to. On leaf of wove paper. In fair condition, lightly-aged and creased at foot and corners. Pleasingly laid out, in small print, with vignette of dolphin at top right. Fifteen rules, beginning with '1. - The Society shall be called THE GRYPHON CLUB, and shall have for its object the...

George Tate Medd (1837-1907), Royal Navy officer, later Vicar of Whitchurch [ Dr. Burney's Academy, founded 1791; Gosport Royal Academy; Royal Navy; Rev. Edward Burney (c.1817-1888) ]

[ Dr. Burney's Royal Academy at Gosport. ] Autograph Letter Signed by an eleven-year-old 'George T Medd', regarding arrangements for the 'Vacation'.

2pp., 4to. Bifolium. On aged and worn paper. The text of the letter is on both sides of the first leaf; the second leaf, around half of which has been torn away, carries four postmarks, and the remains of Medd's autograph address to his father John Medd, Stockport, Cheshire. The letter reads: '...