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Christopher Hassall [Christopher Vernon Hassall] (1912-1963), poet, librettist and biographer [W. J. MacQueen-Pope (1888-1960), theatre historian; Ivor Novello]

[Christopher Hassall discusses his collaborator Ivor Novello.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Chris Hassall') to 'Popie', i.e. W. J. MacQueen-Pope, making 'Confidential' comments on his biography of Novello as a member of 'Ivor's family'.

Hassall's fifteen-year association with Novello began in 1933 when he acted as his understudy, followed by successful collaboration on the 1935 musical 'Glamorous Night', and he is commenting here on the appearance of Macqueen-Pope's biography of Novello. See the three men's entries in the...

Dodie Smith [Dorothy Gladys Smith] (1896-1990), children's writer and playwright, author of 'The Hundred and One Dalmatians' (1956) and 'I Capture the Castle' (1948) [W. J. MacQueen-Pope (1888-1960)]

[Dodie Smith, author of 'The Hundred and One Dalmatians'.] Two Autograph Letters Signed (both 'Dodie.') to 'Popie' [W. J. MacQueen-Pope], discussing her dalmatian dogs, failed musical, his latest book and offer of collaboration, petrol rationing.

See both their entries in the Oxford DNB. Two long letters. Both 2pp, 4to. Both letters on aged paper, creasing at the head. Each folded twice. Written in a close, elegant hand. ONE: 23 January 1957. Writing on behalf of herself and her 'friend' and business manager Alec Macbeth Beesley she...

Indian Students' Department, East India Association, London (C. E. Mallet, N. C. Sen and Thomas Quayle) [Office of the High Commissioner for India]

[Indian Students' Department, East India Association, London.] Six yearly issues of the printed 'Report on the Work of the Indian Students' Department', variously by C. E. Mallet, N. C. Sen and Thomas Quayle, from between July 1912 and 31 March 1922.

From the papers held at the headquarters of the National Indian Association and the Northbrook Society, 21 Cromwell Road, London (referred to in the report for 1912/1913 as 'The House in Cromwell Road' and 'The London Bureau' and 'still to a large extent the headquarters of the Student's...

'Carl Vollmoeller' [Karl Gustav Vollmöller] (1878-1948), German playwright and polymath, screenwriter of Marlene Dietrich's 1930 film 'The Blue Angel' [Lord Chamberlain's office; W. J. MacQueen-Pope]

[Karl Gustav Vollmöller, German symbolist playwright.] Typescript of English text of 'The Version that was banned' of 'A Venetian Night. | A Pantomime in 13 Tableux, by Carl Vollmoeller', with variants required by the Lord Chamberlain's office.

A nice artefact of the censorship of pre-First World War British theatre. The London production of Vollmoeller's wordless drama 'Eine Venezianische Nacht' was censored by the Lord Chamberlain's office, and the production at the Palace Theatre, London, in November 1912 was panned by the critics....

Angna Enters [Anita Enters] (1907-1989), American painter, writer, dancer and mime, partner of Michio Ito, wife of Louis Kalonyme [Louis Kantor] [W. J. MacQueen-Pope, theatre historian]

[Angna Enters, American dancer, painter, author.] Sketch of dance costume in pencil and watercolour, captioned 'Fleur du Mal (Proust Sequence)', signed 'Angna Enters '56'. In envelope addressed by her to theatre historian W. J. MacQueen-Pope.

Enters exhibited her artistic work - including many sketches of her own costume designs - widely in the United States and Europe, and her work is held by several museums, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The present item is an attractive impressionistic sketch, in grey and...

Art and Architecture, Music and Theatre £200.00 Angr
Braham Murray [Braham Sydney Murray, born Braham Goldstein] (1943-2018), director, one of five founding Artistic Directors, Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester [Eugene O'Neill]

[Braham Murray, in his Century Theatre Company's inaugural season at the University Theatre, Manchester.] Autograph Notes for his production of Eugene O'Neill's 'Long Day's Journey into Night'.

An interesting artefact of what was to become the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester. See Murray's Guardian obituary, 3 August 2018: 'Murray left Oxford in 1964 without sitting his finals but with a starry reputation. At 22 he was given the job of running the travelling Century Theatre, which...

Committee of the National Indian Association; Student's Department, India Office [R. M. J. Knaster [Roland Marcus Julius Knaster] (b.1890), Warden, 21 Cromwell Road, London]

[National Indian Association and Students' Department, India Office publication.] Handbook of Information for Indian Students relating to University & Professional Studies, etc. in the United Kingdom. [copy of R. M. J. Knaster, Warden]

[12] + 158 + [8]pp, 12mo. In buff printed wraps. Advertisements at front and rear. Aged and worn, but tight and complete. Packed with revealing information under the main headings: Legal Study; Government Service; Agricultural; Forestry; Universities and Colleges; Teachers' Diplomas; Colleges...

Dodie Smith [Dorothy Gladys Smith] (1896-1990), children's writer and playwright, author of 'The Hundred and One Dalmatians' (1956) and 'I Capture the Castle' (1948) [W. J. MacQueen-Pope (1888-1960)]

[Dodie Smith, author of 'The Hundred and One Dalamatians'.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Dodie') to 'Popie' (theatre historian W. J. MacQueen-Pope), regarding her contract with Walt Disney, a celebratory dinner in London, the death of her own dalmatians

See the entries for Smith and MacQueen-Pope in the Oxford DNB. Walt Disney had read The Hundred and One Dalmatians earlier in the year in which the present letter was written, and had immediately begun negotiations for the rights, much to Smith's delight, as she had hoped that he would make it...

John Van Druten [John William Van Druten] (1901-1957), English playwright and theatre director [Walter James Macqueen-Pope (1888-1960), theatre historian]

[John Van Druten, playwright.] Typed Letter Signed to theatre historian W. J. Macqueen-Pope, with personal reminiscence and touching 'many points' including British 'old theatre' in Hollywood, Dodie Smith, J. T. Grein, his theatre library.

It is puzzling that Van Druten, one of the most successful British playwrights of the early 1930s, should not have an entry in the Oxford DNB. The present entertaining and informative letter is written from the A. J. C. Ranch in Coachella Valley, which Van Druten purchased with his then-lover...

Northbrook Society and National Indian Association, headquarters, Cromwell House, South Kensington [Sir James Thomson, K.C.S.I., and Abbas Ali Baig, Esquire, C.S.I.

[Northbrook Society and National Indian Association headquarters.] Printed Copy of 'Agreement with regard to Cromwell House, South Kensington', between 'The Secretary of State in Council of India and the Northbrook Society'.

6 + [1]pp, folio. Stab stitched. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper, with punch-hole at inner margin. An official copy, with 'Northbrook Society' at top right of first page. On four leaves, with the details printed on reverse of last leaf for folding into the customary packet: 'Dated 15th...