[ M. V. Portman, '"Father" of Andaman Islanders', edits and annotates a printed 'Report of the Wreck of the British Ships "Briton" and "Runnymede.'

M. V. Portman, Officer in charge of the Andamanese.' [ Maurice Vidal Portman (1860-1935), naval officer, and ethnologist in the Andaman Islands ]
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Without date or place. The wreck took place on the Andaman Islands on 12 November 1844. The document postdates the cyclone there in November 1891.

Portman's obituary in The Times, 22 February 1935, is subtitled '”Father” of Andaman Islanders', and he was 'Officer in charge of the Andamanese' from 1879 to his retirement in 1901. His ethnographic activities have received some degree of attention in recent years. He wrote two books on the Andaman Islands, presented a large collection of Andaman artefacts to the British Museum, and his many volumes of photographs and papers are scattered between a number of institutions. The present item is excessively scarce, with no copy traced on either OCLC WorldCat or on COPAC.

[Andaman and Nicobar Islands; Typescript Diary] "Living Among 'Lifers'" or the Engagement Calendar as filled by Arthr. Thos. [Hughes]

[Andaman and Nicobar Islands; Salvation Army; Penal Colony`]
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1 April -8 Aug. [1932].

Total 28pp., 4to and sm. folio, full of typing errors, some changes and crossings out, a few words added in manuscript where omitted in the typing (one corner of text still missing, p.12), fair condition, text clear and complete. It has the form of a diary but doesn't have entries for every day. It's in two halves, 24pp. of 4to, and 4pp. of sm. folio, the latter entiled in MS. "Is life worth living? Depends on liver! no.25-28". One page of text in sm. folio is on the verso of headed notepaper, "The Officer-in-Charge, Ferrar Ganj Colony, Port Blair.

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