[Andaman and Nicobar Islands; Typescript Diary] "Living Among 'Lifers'" or the Engagement Calendar as filled by Arthr. Thos. [Hughes]

[Andaman and Nicobar Islands; Salvation Army; Penal Colony`]
Publication details: 
1 April -8 Aug. [1932].

Total 28pp., 4to and sm. folio, full of typing errors, some changes and crossings out, a few words added in manuscript where omitted in the typing (one corner of text still missing, p.12), fair condition, text clear and complete. It has the form of a diary but doesn't have entries for every day. It's in two halves, 24pp. of 4to, and 4pp. of sm. folio, the latter entiled in MS. "Is life worth living? Depends on liver! no.25-28". One page of text in sm. folio is on the verso of headed notepaper, "The Officer-in-Charge, Ferrar Ganj Colony, Port Blair.

Handbill entitled 'The Recruiting Officer's Speech.'

The Recruiting Officer' [evangelical Christianity; handbills; Salvation Army; George Brimmer, London printer; G. and I. Offer, booksellers; ephemera]
Publication details: 
[c. 1818] London: Printed by G. Brimmer, 15, Water-lane, Fleet-street; and sold by G. and I. Offer, Postern Row, Tower Hill, and J. Higham, 6, Chiswell Street.

On one side of a piece of unwatermarked wove paper, 32 x 25 cm. Good, on lightly aged and creased paper. Attractively produced within a decorative border, with the title in gothic script and the text beginning in a single column before splitting into two. Printer's and publishers' details at foot, with advertisement of five works published between 1815 and 1817.

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