Autograph Letter in the third person to E[dward]. F[rederick]. Lecks, Secretary[, the Royal Asylum of St Ann's Society].

Lieutenant General Sir George Cathcart
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Hulton Park Dec[embe]r 12. | <?>'.

British military officer (1794-1854). One page, 12mo. In good condition, but with traces of brown-paper mount adhering to the blank reverse. Formal letter in the third person. 'Lt Genl Lord Cathcart is continually receiving so many applications of a similar nature, that he is although with regret obliged to decline to comply with any of them.

Autograph Letter Signed to unnamed male correspondent (Edward Frederick Lecks, Secretary, the Royal Asylum of St Ann's Society).

Sir Lancelot Shadwell
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27 March 1837; no place.

Last Vice-Chancellor of England (1779-1850). Two pages, 12mo. Good, but lightly spotted, and with the lower third ruckled by attachment of verso to piece of brown paper. He says he will have great pleasure in 'being a Steward at the Anniversary Festival of the Saint Ann's Society Schools'. He would have answered the note before, 'but it came at a time when I was much occupied & I put it by with the accompanying Papers till the Vacation arrived'. Signed 'Lancelot Shadwell'.

Autograph Letter Signed to Edward Frederick Lecks[, Secretary, St Ann's Society].

Thomas Denman, 1st Baron Denman
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Guildhall Feb 24 | 1838'.

Judge (1779-1854) and Lord Chief Justice of England. 'I must not defend one neglect by another; but I fear that other applications of the same kind as that from yourself respecting the St Ann's Schools remain also unanswered. My well known engagements will form some apology but I regret to add that I have found it absolutely necessary to decline acting as a steward at any public dinner'. Signed 'Denman'.

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