[ The British Empire Union, Incorporating the Anti-German Union. ] Printed handbill advertising a 'Competition for Poster Design.', and including a transcript of a letter on war memorials by sculptor Sir George Frampton.

The British Empire Union, Incorporating the Anti-German Union, London [ Sir George Frampton (1860-1928), English sculptor; Henry Wood Promenade Concerts (The Proms) ]
Publication details: 
The British Empire Union, 346 Strand, London, WC2. [ 1917. ]

1p., folio. On aged and worn paper. A jingoistic wartime outfit, with the letterhead proclaiming 'THE BRITISH EMPIRE FOR BRITISH SUBJECTS' and 'NO GERMAN INFLUENCE. | NO GERMAN LABOUR. | NO GERMAN GOODS | That compete with British.' The organisations chairman is named as Lord Leith of Fyvie, and the chairman Lieut-Col. Sir Mervyn Manningham-Buller. The long text begins: 'The British Empire Union offers a Prize of £2 2s.

Prospectus and application form for the Anti-German League, together with two other items of promotional material.

E. J. Balsir Chatterton, founder, The Anti-German League [First World War Zeppelin raids on London]
Publication details: 
All three items undated [1915 or 1916]. One printed by 'Willsons', New Walk Printing Works, Leicester.'

All three items good. Item One: Prospectus and application form, headed 'The Anti-German League. Introduction by the Founder.' Three pages, in a bifolium. Leaf dimensions 27.5 x 21.5 cm. Printed in blue. The 'Introduction' covers the first two pages, flanked by columns bearing the words 'Lest We Forget.' and 'MOTTO: "Everything German Taboo." ' It includes the headings ' "Made in Germany" - The Mark of the Beast' and 'The Alien Menace'.

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