[ Bessie MacArthur, Scottish poet. ] Fourteen letters and three cards, all in autograph, to Brian Lambie of the Biggar Museum, with one typed poem in Scots ('Folk'), one holograph poem ('"Bits and Pieces"'), and three other autograph items.

Bessie J. B. MacArthur [ Bessie Jane Bird MacArthur, née Bisset ] (1889-1983), poet and dramatist of the Scottish Renaissance [ Brian Lambie (1930-2014) of the Biggar Museum, Lanark ]
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Thirteen letters and one card from 4 Glencairn Crescent, Edinburgh 12 (the first with the address on a letterhead); the other letter without place. Thirteen of the letters written between 13 July 1975 and 6 January 1978. The other items undated.

MacArthur's work features and is discussed by Byrne and McMillan in 'Modern Scottish Women Poets' (2003). Lambie is the subject of a long obituary in The Scotsman, 21 January 2015. Twenty-two items. The collection is in good condition, with light signs of age and wear. The following description is divided into six parts. ONE: 14 Autograph Letters Signed and 3 Autograph Cards Signed to Lambie. The 17 items of correspondence are variously signed 'Bessie MacArthur' (7), 'Bessie J. B. MacArthur' (6), 'B. J. N. McA.' (4). The letters total 32pp., in various formats.

Engraving by Reynolds of Birmingham.

James Bisset [ nineteenth-century illustrated list of Birmingham toy makers ]
Publication details: 
No date [1800?]; 'Publish'd, by J. Bisset, Museum Birmm. for his Magnificent Directory.'

According to the British Library Bisset's Directory was published in 1800. Paper dimensions roughly 5 1/4 inches by 9 inches; print dimensions roughly 4 1/4 inches by 7 inches. In very good condition although somewhat grubby. Paper watermarked '<179?>9 | TMAN'. At head of plate: 'M'. At foot of plate: 'Reynolds. Sct. Birm'.

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