[ Soviet Poland, printed periodicals. ] Three numbers of 'Polish Facts & Figures | Issued by the Press Office of the Polish Embassy in London'.

[ Soviet Poland; the Polish Embassy in London; Jimmy Shields (1900-1949) ]
Publication details: 
[ The Press Office of the Polish Embassy in London. ] Three numbers: No. 5, 16 July 1946; No. 14, 19 September 1946; No. 51, 28 June 1947. [ Printed by St. Clements Press Ltd., Portugal Street, London, W.C.2.' ]

The three items are each 4pp., 4to, in bifoliums, and uniform in design. Each carrying a number of articles in small print. Each on aged paper and with wear to margin along outer edge, but with text clear and undamaged. No. 5 includes articles titled: 'Referendum Results', 'Poland's National Day', 'Polish-British Relations', 'Poland's Independence and Freedom Secured | M. Bierut speaks to Democratic Party Congress', 'A Polish Economic System'. No. 14 has in it articles on 'Mr. Byrnes v.

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