[John Jay Chapman, American essayist.] Autograph Draft of Letter to Kenneth Macgowan, President, Harvard Dramatic Club, regarding the reading of a play 'under the auspices of the Dramatic Club'.

John Jay Chapman (1862-1933), American author, husband of Elizabeth Astor Winthrop Chanler (1866-1937) [Kenneth Macgowan (1888-1963), President, Harvard Dramatic Club]
Publication details: 
On letterhead of Sylvania, Barrytown-on-Hudson [New York state]. 3 November 1910.

2pp., 8vo. In fair condition, lightly aged. He writes that he will be 'most delighted to read the play under the auspices of the Dramatic Club'. He suggests a date, 'as being the farthest off & giving time generally', but if another is preferable, he 'can attend'. If Macgowan 'will fix the day and let know [sic] - (in case Monday is a bad day)', he will 'follow your decision'.

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