Harvey's improved Weymouth Guide: containing A Description of Weymouth, Portland, Lulworth Castle, and every Place in the Neighbourhood, worthy the Observation of Strangers. Likewise [...] A New Map of Weymouth, [...] beautifully Engraved by Baker.

Harvey's Weymouth Guide [Portland; Lulworth Castle; Melcomb Regis; travel guide; Baker; M. Virtue, printer, Dorchester; Dorset]
Publication details: 
[circa 1800] Printed by M. Virtue, Dorchester.

The subtitle reads in full: 'A List of the Members of Parliament for the Boroughs of Weymouth and Melcomb Regis, from the earliest Period. A List of Lodging Houses; and A New Map of Weymouth, Including the late Additions and Improvements; beautifully engraved by Baker.' 8vo, [iv] + 91 pp. Errata on last page. The frontispiece 'Plan of Weymouth' folds out to roughly 38 x 26 cm, with the dimensions of the print roughly 26 x 22 cm. Engraved beneath the print: 'J. Ham Delin. Engraved by B. Baker for Harveys New Weymouth Guide'. Unbound and stitched, in original plain wraps.

Handbill, with prices, for the 'Great Western Cooking Depot, Specially opened for the Working Classes.'

Great Western Cooking Depot, Trongate, Glasgow [Thomas Corbett (d.1880) of South Park, Cove, Dumbartonshire, Scotland]
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[Glasgow, 1870s.]

Apparently originally on a bifolium, the two pages are now each trimmed and on a separate leaf (the first 21 x 10.5 cm and the second 17.5 x 11 cm), and each laid down on a page removed from an album. The reverses are blank. On aged, discoloured paper. The first page is headed 'Great Western Cooking Depot, Specially opened for the Working Classes.

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