Crown Deep Ltd. Insurance Plan', carbon printed on cloth, giving a detailed layout of the gold mine, keyed to seventy-seven entries. With Manuscript table of results of 'Crown Deep tube milling tests, 1907'.

Crown Deep Ltd (gold mine) [South African Gold Mining; Mines]
Publication details: 
Insurance Plan' dated in manuscript 1898. Manuscript table covering the period from 1 August to 9 October 1907.

The two items rolled into tubes. The 'Crown Deep Ltd. Insurance Plan' carbon printed on one side of a piece of cloth roughly 44 x 102 cm. In good condition: slightly discoloured and frayed. The keyed entries range from '1 No. 1 Headgear & all appurtenances' to '77 Shed near Feedwater tanks', and include '69 Coolie Compound at Dam' and '57 Stable Boy's House'. The table of results of the 'milling tests', approximately 37 x 74 cm, is clear and complete on discoloured paper with closed tears at head repaired with archival tape.

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