[Printed pamphlet by the Children's Branch, Home Office, Whitehall.] Retarded and Mentally Defective Children.

S. W. Harris [Children's Branch, Home Office, Whitehall, London]
Publication details: 
Children's Branch, Home Office, Whitehall, S.W.1. [London] 27 January 1926.

6pp., 12mo. In fair condition, on aged paper, with two slight rust stains from staple. Shelfmarks, stamp and label of the Board of Education Reference Library. Divided into five sections: Causes of Incapacity; Importance of early recognition of Mental Defect; Definition of Mental Defect, under the Mental Deficiency Act, 1913; Methods of dealing with mentally defective children; Procedure. No copy found on COPAC or OCLC WorldCat.

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