[ Printed item. ] Standing Council of the Baronetage. Shorthand Notes of Proceedings at the Sixth Annual General Assembly, held Thursday, 8th July, 1909.

[ Standing Council of the Baronetage, Sixth Annual Assembly, 1909 ] [ Sir John R. Heron-Maxwell, chairman; Sir Richard Temple; Sir Lambton Loraine ]
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[ Standing Council of the Baronetage, London. 1909 or 1910. ] Henry Good & Son, London, E.C.

9pp, 4to. In fair condition, on lightly-aged paper; with central horizontal fold. A main topic of the meeting was, as Sir Lambton Loraine explained, the assertion by the Duke of Norfolk of his 'right to a jurisdiction over the Baronetage in every way', and his belief that he has 'a right to keep our record at his own house in St. James's Square, whereas we have not yet got the King's answer to the Home Secretary's Committee's proposal that a person appointed by the Home Office should be the future Registrar of the Roll of the Baronetage'.

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