Autograph account by Frederick Leman Whelan of a visit by him to the Soviet Union in 1936, as leader of 'the League of Nations Union party' of British 'useful idiots'; with other matter relating to the U.S.S.R.

Frederick Leman Whelan (1867-1955), Fabian socialist author and founder of the Stage Society [the Soviet Union; USSR; Russian Revolution; League of Nations Union; useful idiots]
MS. Account a visit to the Soviet Union in 1936
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'To Leningrad & Moscow Intourist "S.S. Cooperazia". Sat. 27th June to Sunday 19th July 1936.' [First entry dated 22 June 1936.]
MS. Account a visit to the Soviet Union in 1936

Small 4to, 61 pp, with the first four pages unpaginated and the last ones paginated 1-57. In notebook of good laid paper, in decorative boards. Text clear and complete. Very good, on lightly-aged paper; in worn and chipped wraps, with 'U.S.S.R.' on spine and front board. Various addresses by Whelan inside the front cover, with the date 1936 amended to 1945 and 1950. Pages of slogans and abbreviations are followed by the notebook itself. The volume intersperses notes on the visit (ending at p.31) with extracts of quotations, statistics and other matter about the Soviet Union.

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