[ Sir Basil Thomson, head of the Metropolitan Police Criminal Investigation Department (CID). ] Typed Note Signed ('Basil Thomson'), as Assistant Commissioner, Special Branch, to 'Mrs. Vickers', giving instructions for her arrival at Folkestone.

Sir Basil Thomson [ Sir Basil Home Thomson ] (1861-1939), head of the Metropolitan Police Criminal Investigation Department (CID), intelligence officer (working with MI6), prison governor, colonial ad
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On letterhead of the Metropolitan Police, Special Branch ('Letters should be addressed to the Assistant Commissioner.'), Scotland House, Westminster, S.W.1. [ London ] 14 October 1919.

For information regarding Thomson's eventful career (he interrogated Mata Hari) see his entry in the Oxford DNB. 1p., landscape 8vo. In good condition, lightly aged. Typed onto the letterhead is the reference 'A. L. K.' The note reads: 'Dear Mrs. Vickers, | Certainly I will. If you will ask for Sergeant Tansley when you arrive at Folkestone he will see you through. I will warn him of your coming.'

[ The Théâtre Dramatique Yougoslave, Belgrade, Yugoslavia. ] Duplicated typescript, in French, of Dobrica Cosic's 'Revelation | Adaptation acenique d'un chapitre du roman "PARTAGES" | Adapte pour la scene par: | Miroslav BELOVIC | Jovan CIRILLV'.

Dobrica Cosic (1921-2014), Serbian author and nationalist theorist; Miroslav Belovic (1927-2005); Jovan Cirilov; Mata Milosevic; Predrag Bajcetic; Théâtre Dramatique Yougoslave, Belgrade, Yugoslavia
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[ First performance on 26 May 1961 at the Théâtre dramatique yougoslave, Belgrade, Yugoslavia. ]

52pp., 4to. Duplicated typescript with pages on rectos only. Perfect bound in plain grey paper wraps. In fair condition, with moderate signs of age and wear. A page giving the names of the members of the cast and crew begins with the following: 'La première représentation de "REVELATION" a eu lieu 26 mai 1961 au Théâtre dramatique yougoslave, dans une mise en scène de Mata Miloševic et Predrag Bajcetic, avec la distribution suivante: | [...]'.

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