[ Partition of Bengal, 1905. ] Five documents expressing reservations: three printed Bengal Chamber of Commerce circulars, one bearing ALS from Sir G. H. Sutherland to judge Richard Harington; autograph memorandum by Sutherland; printed circular.

Sir George Henry Sutherland (1866-1937), East India merchant, Sheriff of Calcutta 1901 and 1908; President of Bengal Chamber of Commerce, 1900-1901 [ Sir Richard Harington; Partition of Bengal, 1905 ]
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All items from 1905. Three circulars from Bengal Chamber of Commerce, Royal Exchange Buildings, Calcutta.

Five items, in good condition, on lightly aged paper. All three Bengal Chamber of Commerce circulars (Items One to Three below) are from H. M. Haywood, Acting Secretary, to the Secretary to the Government of India, Home Department, and are uniform in layout. Each is 2pp., 8vo, on a single leaf. The first two carry the compliment stamp of the Secretary of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce. ONE: Circular 'No. 1132-1905.' Calcutta, 6 July 1905.

[ Sir John Woodhead, Governor of Bengal. ] Four Autograph Letters Signed (all 'J K Woodhead') to G. P. Griggs (2), K. W. Luckhurst and C. J. Buchanan-Dunlop of the Royal Society of Arts, with four carbons of replies.

Sir John Woodhead [ Sir John Ackroyd Woodhead ] (1881-1973), Indian Civil Servant, Governor of Bengal, chairman of the Woodhead Commission on the partition of Palestine
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From Chevremont, Hockering Road, Woking, Surrey. 1948, 1949 (2) and 1951.

The four letters totalling 6pp., 12mo, in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. With carbons of replies, one stapled to its mate. The correspondence relates to the Society's business, with two letters relating to a 'Tea lecture' by Gervas Huxley, another to a meeting chaired by Sir James Jones, and the last (22 June 1951) 'on the subject of Silver Medals' and other matters.

[ Robert Lynd, Irish Nationalist journalist. ] Copy of Typed Letter 'To the Editor of the "Irish Times.", regarding the state of 'the campaign against partition' following 'the Northern Ireland election'

Robert Lynd [ Robert Wilson Lynd ] (1879-1949), journalist, essayist and Irish Nationalist
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5 Keats Grove, Hampstead, N.W.3. [ London ] Undated [ 1945 or 1949 ].

6pp., 4to. In fair condition, on aged paper with worn edges. It is not known whether the letter was sent or published. The Lynds settled at their celebrated London address of 5 Keats Grove (where James Joyce had his wedding reception) in 1924, but the letter was clearly written after the Second World War: 'Now that the Northern Ireland election is over, it may be worth considering whether the campaign against partition, if continued on its present lines, is likely to be effective in achieving its end.

Copy of typewritten 'Recollections of the Indian Civil Service: Punjab 1939-1947' by R. H. Belcher, with Autograph Letter Signed ('Ronald') from Belcher to his colleague Frank Mills, copies of two letters from Mills to Dr Rosie Llewellyn-Jones.

R. H. Belcher of the Indian Civil Service [The partition of India; Punjab; Pakistan; Rosie Llewellyn-Jones, historian of the Raj]
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Belcher's letter to Mills on letterhead of Fieldview, Lower Road, Fetcham, Surrey; 24 September [2000]. The copies of Mills's letters dated 30 September and 11 November 2000. Typescript and copy dating from the same time.

The four items (copy of typescript of Belcher's memoir; autograph letter from Belcher to Mills; copies of two typed letters from Mills to Rosie Llewellyn-Jones), from the Frank Mills papers, are all in good condition. The copy of the typescript is 47 + [5] pp., 8vo, including title-page, two-page contents, preface and full-page map, on 52 loose leaves; Belcher's letter to Mills is 2pp., 8vo; the copies of Mills's two letters to Llewellyn-Jones are each 1p., 12mo.

Autograph Letter Signed to Sir John Goodricke, Bart, diplomat (see DNB)

George Maddison, diplomat.
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The Hague, 22 June 1773.

Two pages, 4to, vestiges of seals, small sections cut out of conjoint blank (probably postal features) which has address panel as follows: "A Monsieur /[france / Hamburg?] / Monsieur le Chevalier Goodricke, / Envoye Extraordinaire & Plenipotent[iar]y / de Sa Majeste Britannique / Stockholm." Address page has the contemporary note (Goodricke's hand) concerning date received "Recd 2d July 1773 / Answered same day." Additonal pencil notes add that Maddison was "Under Secretary at the Foreign Office", information repeated in anothe pencil note which adds that he was under Sir Joseph Yorke,

Estimation of ergothioneine in urine by paper partition chromatography.

Elizabeth Work (Department of Chemical Pathology, University College Hospital Medical School, London).
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(From the Lancet, 16 April 1949, p.652, repaginated pp.1-2). For other pamphlets from the Library of Harriette Chick (as this) nutritionist, see above and below #s2653 ff. or request a full list (more than 400 offprints, many presentation).

Applications of partition chromatography. Les Prix Nobel en 1952.

Richard L. M. Synge.
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(Pamphlet: Stockholm, 1953, Nobel Lecture, 12 December 1952, pp.122-35). Presentation copy, inscribed 'Best wishes RLMS'. Staining to front wrap, and damage to first leaf caused by bad binding. For other pamphlets from the Library of Harriette Chick (as this) nutritionist, see above and below #s2653 ff. or request a full list (more than 400 offprints, many presentation).

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