[Baden-Powell writes to Rudyard Kipling about his poem 'The Scout's Patrol Song'.] Typed Letter Signed ('R S S Baden Powell') to Kipling, regarding 'publishing the Patrol song with music'.

Robert Baden-Powell [Lieutenant-General Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-Powell] (1857-1941), founder of the Boy Scouts Association and Girl Guides
Publication details: 
The Castle, Richmond, Yorkshire. 1 October 1909.

The Kipling Society explains the background to this letter, which relates to a poem which Kipling had published a fortnight before (16 September 1909) in the London Standard as 'A Patrol Song', reprinting it two days later in The Scout as 'The Scout's Patrol Song'. The letter is 1p, 4to. In fair condition, folded four times, with patches of small holes at the head. The letter begins: 'My dear Rudyard Kipling, | Thank you so much for your letter. You did not enclose the two letters to which you refer, but I guess that they are from people desirous of publishing the Patrol song with music.

Autograph Signature on card, addressed to autograph collector Albert Millward.

Murray Kash, Canadian-born British actor, announcer and author, compere of the BBC television programmes 'It Pays To Be Ignorant', starring Michael Bentine (1957)
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Undated; place not stated.

One page. Dimensions of card roughly three and a half inches by four and a half. Right-hand side and bottom edge of card cropped. 'Autograph of' printed at head, and beneath this 'To Albert Millwa | With very best wi | Murray Kash'. The right-hand edges of the letter 'K' in Kash's name extend rightwards over the rest of the word, and may be very slightly cropped. Upper four lines of biographical cutting laid down at foot. Fragment of printed letter from Millward (and signed by him) requesting the autograph, beneath remains of plastic film on reverse.

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