[ Edmund Law, Bishop of Carlisle. ] Autograph Signature ('E Carlisle') as frank on part of envelope, with Autograph Signature of recipient Richard Burn of Duke Street, Westminster.

Edmund Law (1703-1787), Bishop of Carlisle, Master of Peterhouse, University of Cambridge [ Richard Burn, Duke Street, Westminster ]
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No place or date.

7.5 x 13 cm piece of aged and worn paper. The address, with red 'FREE' franking postmark in red ink, reads: 'To | Mr Burn | Duke Street | Westminster | E Carlisle'. On the reverse is part of an autograph draft reply, signed 'Richd Burn'.

[R. A. Austen-Leigh.] ALS and TLS to P. C. Vellacott, Master of Peterhouse, Cambridge, regarding historical queries; TLS from Austen-Leigh to C. H. K. Marten, Vice-Provost of Eton, with Marten's ALS reply on reverse. With draft of Vellacott letter

R. A. Austen-Leigh [Richard Arthur Austen-Leigh] (1872-1961), Jane Austen scholar and relative [P. C. Vellacott, Master of Peterhouse, Cambridge; Sir Henry Marten (1872-1948), Provost of Eton College]
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One (ALS to Vellacott): As from D2 Albany, Piccadilly W1. 3 May 1942. Two (TLS to Vellacott): on letterhead of 1 New-street Square, London, EC4. 10 June 1942. Three (TLS to Marten): same as Two. Four (Marten to Austen-Leigh): Eton. 11 August 1942.

Austen-Leigh's three letters are all signed 'R A Austen Leigh'. ONE: ALS to Vellacott. 3 May 1942; 'as from | D2 Albany | Piccadilly W.1'. 2pp., 12mo. He asks if Vellacott can 'enlighten me on the following point - I am editing some letters of Dr. Goodall, who was Provost of Eton 1809 to 1840. There follows a sixteen-line transcript of a letter written in May 1838 from Goodall to his brother, regarding which he writes: 'Who would Mr.

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