[Paul Henry, Irish post-impressionist painter.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Paul Henry') to 'Robert', i.e. Ulster poet R. N. D. Wilson, expressing condolences on the death of his wife.

Paul Henry (1876-1958), Irish post-impressionist painter, noted for his West of Ireland landscapes [R. N. D. Wilson [Robert Noble Denison Wilson] (1899-1953), Ulster poet]
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On letterhead of Carrigoona Cottage, Kilmacanogue, Bray, Co. Wicklow; 9 March 1932.

2pp, 12mo. On pink paper. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. Folded twice. A letter of condolence beginning: 'Dear Robert. | I have just seen the miserable news of the death of your wife. I had heard she was ill but had no idea things were so bad.' After asking him to accept his sympathies, he continues: 'I well remember the last time I saw you both together at my studio in Dublin & I can hardly realise yet that she has gone.' He has been 'out of Dublin so long now', and so seldom sees people that he doesn't often 'hear news of folk'.

[ Grafton Galleries; Art Exhibitions ] Memorandum of Agreement between the Undersigned Parties [re. letting of Grafton Galleries.

[ Grafton Galleries ] V. Benoist of Piccadilly, on behalf of the proprietors of the Grafton Galleries, Montague Morris and V. Fodor
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[London], 30 Sept. 1908.

Document, typed, three pages, sm. fol., good condition. A "Mr. Benoist" of 36 Piccadilly (where he provided luxury food: CUISINE, CHARCUTERIE ET COMESTIBLES "FRANCAISES, on behalf of the proprietors of the Grafton Galleries, facilitates the letting of the Galleries to "Messrs Montague Morris and V. Fodor of 12 Talbot House St Martin's Lane". The document is signed by Benoist as Director of the Galleries, and by "Montague & Fodor". Clause as follows: 1. & 2. agreement that "picture and Fine Art Exhibitions" allowed from 20 Oct. 1908 to 25 Dec.1908; 3.

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