[ S. G. Soal, mathematician and psychical researcher. ] Typed Letter Signed ('S. G. Soal | (S. G. SOAL DSc)') to J. G. Gillman, Vicar of St Andrews, Leicester, regarding Soal's BBC talk 'Seeing into Future Time', concerning 'precognitive telepathy'.

S. G. Soal [Samuel George Soal] (1889-1975), British mathematician and psychical researcher
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Scratton Lodge, 21 Priory Crescent, Prittlewell, Essex. 4 August 1945.

1p., 4to. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper, with slight damage to corners caused by removal from an album. 'The successful subject referred to in the talk was Mr. Basil Shackleton, a London photographer. On an average he would get about eight cards correct out of every twenty five, compared with a chance expectation of only five. When this occurs consistently over a very large number of trials, the odds soon pile up.' Gillman's summary is 'correct as far as it goes'.

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