[ Camilla Urso, 'The great violin virtuoso': pamphlet issued by the United States Lyceum Bureau. ] Drophead title: 'Camilla Urso. | A Tribute.' Title on front wrap: 'A Tribute | Charles Barnard | Camilla Urso'.

Charles Barnard [ Camilla Urso, French violinist and child prodigy who settled in America; Harry St. Ormond, Business Manager; United States Lyceum Bureau ]
Publication details: 
'Compliments of United States Lyceum Bureau, 757 Broadway, New York.' No year, but back cover gives details of 'Transcontinental Tour. | 1885 - Season - 1886.'.

[32]pp., 16mo. Not paginated. Stapled in brown wraps, with text on front and back covers in gold and dark brown, with closed tear at foot of spine. Contains one full-page engraving: 'Testimonial Presentation to Mme. Camilla Urso in the Town Hall, Melbourne.' Cheaply printed on browned high-acidity paper, in aged and worn wraps. The wraps are attractively designed, with the violinist's name printed in large decorative type diagonally across the centre of the front cover. The back cover gives details of Urso's 'Transcontinental Tour.

[ Kathleen Parlow, Canadian violinist, 'The Lady with the Golden Bow'. ] Autograph Signature with a few bars of sheet music in autograph.

Kathleen Parlow (1890-1963), musical prodigy known as 'The Canadian Violinist' and 'The Lady with the Golden Bow'
Publication details: 
'Meldreth. September 1923 -'.

On one side of an 8 x 13 cm piece of unprinted white card. Two bars of music in her hand, followed by the word 'etc.' Beneath this, in a clear, firm hand: 'Yours very sincerely | Kathleen Parlow | Meldreth. September 1923 -'.

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