[ Sir Richard Vynne Southwell, British mathematician. ] Eleven Signed Letters (all 'Richard V. Southwell'), six in Autograph and five Typed, to the Secretary, Royal Society of Arts [ K W Luckhurst ]

Sir Richard Vynne Southwell (1888-1970), British mathematician in the applied mechanics field of engineering science
Publication details: 
Nine on letterheads of The Old House, Trumpington, Cambridge. Between 1 July 1952 and 16 January 1954.

Totalling 13pp. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn, with a few staple holes to corners. In the first letter (1 July 1952) he reluctantly declines an invitation to be the Society's Trueman Wood Lecturer, despite considering that the 'subject proposed has great importance at the present time': 'I am pledged to visit Iraq in November on an educational mission organized by the British Council; and since this year I shall also be going to Istanbul and Belfast, perhaps it is as well that I should not have any other preoccupation to divert me from the book that I am trying to finish!'.

[Sir George Grey, Whig Home Secretary.] Autograph Letter in the third person to Rev. Reginald Smith, regarding 'the selection of a gentleman to fill the office of Chaplain at the Portland Convict Depôt'.

Sir George Grey (1799-1882), Liberal Home Secretary, 1846-52, 1855-58, 1861-66 [Reginald Southwell Smith (1809-1896), Canon of Salisbury; Portland Convict Depot; transportation; penal servitude]
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Whitehall. 22 July 1847.

2pp., 12mo. In fair condition, on aged paper, with traces of mount adhering at head of reverse of leaf. Regarding Smith's 'note with reference to the selection of a gentleman to fill the office of Chaplain at the Portland Convict Depôt', he writes that he must 'defer the consideration of this question, as it must necessarily be yet some considerable period before the works at the Island are sufficiently advanced for the reception of Convicts'.

Autograph Signature ('Mayo'), seal and address to the Duke of Argyll at the India Office.

Richard Southwell Bourke (1822-1872), 6th Earl of Mayo, Viceroy of India [George Campbell, 8th Duke of Argyll]
Publication details: 
Date and place not given, but between 1869 and 1874.

The envelope is roughly 8 x 13 cm. Aged and lightly ruckled. The signature is on the front, in the bottom left-hand corner, with 'Private' in the top left, and the address in the middle, 'The Duke of Argyll | India Office'. The seal has been stamped through paper onto dark brown wax. The envelope has been torn open at the back flap. Can be dated to after 1869 (when Mayo became Viceroy) and before 1874 (when Argyll ceased to be Secretary of State for India).

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