"Notes of a Walking Tour with my Twin Brother Ernest 27 July 1891"

[ MOUNTAINEERING ] Cecil C. Baker, twin brother of Ernest Baker, presumably Ernest A. Baker, author of books on the Highlands, climbing, etc.
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Notebook, soft-covered, c.90pp., 12mo,covers almost detached, contents good. Contents as follows: Table columnised, 5pp., giving details of Dates, Proposed Itinerary, Result; List of things taken "Self" and "Ernest" from clothes to toothbrush to Baedeker to bovril malt (with comments on whether worn, lost, etc.).

Autograph Note Signed.

Joseph Freiherr von Hormayr
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Without date or place.

Born 1781, died 1848. Dimensions approximately four inches by five inches. In good condition. Neatly mounted on a larger piece of paper, which is docketed 'Baron Hormayr is still famous for the part he had in the revolt of the Tyrol in 1809. Four lines in closely written gothic scrip, with signature. Scan on application for contents.

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