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Duchess of Teck

Autograph envelope.

Mother of Queen Mary. "'Local' // Her Royal Highness, / The Princess Frederica / of Hanover / Hampton Court Palace / Middlesex". The envelope is 4 x 3", black-bordered, good condition.

J.E. Bicheno,

Autograph Letter, third person, to a Miss Maxwell

Colonial secretary , Van Diemen's Land. 1.5pp., 8vo. He discusses the physical composition of a necklace. (Bicheno's works on Law and the Irish economy are listed on the reverse in a different hand.)

Richard Whately.

Autograph Letter Signed, "Rd Dublin", to an unnamed correspondent.

Archbishop of Dublin, logician and misc. writer (1787-1863). Eight (8) pages, 8vo, laid down, good condition. He commences "I did not give any general advice to my Clergy because there c[oul]d not be any that . . ."he explores views on the system education at length. He says what he would advise...

Herbert Trench.

Autograph Letter Signed to [Walter] Jerrold.

Poet and playwright. Three pages, 8vo, good condition. H has realised that Jerrold is publishing in his "Anthology" two popems which are about to appear in Trench's "New Poems", to be published by Methuen the following day. He requests what he believes in Methuen's customary charge of a guinea a...

Hillary Waugh.

Typed letter signed to Josephine Bell, detective story writer, and Chairman of the Crime Writers Association.

American Crime Writer. One page, 4to. He refers to his just having been welcomed into the Crime Writers' Association but has been too busy to reply sooner. He has ben packing and trying to "finish a novel (which failed)". He very much appreciates meeting CWA members. He adds that "the book is...

Humphrey Milford.

Typed Letter Signed (1943) and three Typed Notes Signed to J.G. Wilson, Chairman of Messrs J & E. Bumpus

Publisher, Oxford University Press. One page each, 8vo (2) and 4to (2), one grubby, fold marks, minor defects, but texts clear and complete. Two are goodhumoured, brief, and concerning social trivia. The one sent in 1932 goes: "This is to introduce Sir Wallis Budge. I have told him you are the...

J. Arthur Rank.:

Typed Note Signed to Malcolm Mackenzie, [The Empire Art Council].

One page, 4to, , sl. worn, text as follows: "I beg to acknowledge your letter of 21st. November, and I am glad to learn that the Council is doing such valuable work. Many thanks for keeping me in touch with the various activities.

J.C. Squire.

Typed Letter Signed to De V. Payen-Payne.

Poet and man of letters (1884-1958). One page, 4to, fold marks, sl. wear, text readable. " . . . I think the occasion for using that poem by Collins would be the next occasion on which we mention - as we are bound to mention - the Artist's Rifles [last work in ms.]/ It will go in very nicely if...

J.H. Parker.

Autograph Letter Signed to unnamed correspondent.

Oxford Bookseller and Publisher (1806-1884). Two pages, 8vo, chipped and sl. marked, but text mainly clear. "Sir/ At the requestof Mr. Hill and Mr. Renand I write you a few lines respecting the books you wished to enquire about -on the Articles I send - but it is the most scarce of 's pieces-...

James Milne.

Autograph Letters Signed (six) to J.G. Wilson, Chairman of J & E. Bumpus.

Author of "The Road to Kashmir" and others. Total seven pages, 8vo (4) and 4to (1), good condition. He discusses "The Road to Kashmir" (sales, etc.) and "A Window on Fleet Street". He discusses at length a circular relating to the latter from John Murray which he sends (not present) in response...

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