Typed Letters Signed (two) to W.G. Raffe, author of "Dictionary of the Dance".

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Brussels6 and 21 Dec. 1949.
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Srimathi Mirabai, Indian Classical Dancer - "India's Pavlova". One page each, large 4to, good condition, the second has a representation of an Indian dancer cut from corner (present in first), with some additions in Mirabai's hand. (6 Dec.) She gives information about her activities, the tour, her studies, her performances in India and Ceylon, enclosing a photo (not present). (21 Dec.) She gives some idea of the thinking behind the tour, testing whether Indian Classical Dancing would be successful in London and Europe. Her partner has returned to India but she has her eye on another. She attaches details he requested as follows: Attached typescript, two pages, folio, chipped, but mainly good, one ms. correction. She makes nine points including her admiration for various Indian dancers in different traditions, the best female dancer, Uday Shankar, fim work, best theatres, Nautch dancing, previous partner, comment on schools in Calcutta, Bombay, Colombo, use of a drawing, Indian music.