[ India ] Four Autograph Letters two Signed, two incomplete with no signature, to "Auntie [Elsie &] Helen" [young woman's experiences in India 1910]

Frances Jackson, daughter of Sir John Jackson, civil engineer and engineering contractor, according to description accompanying the letters
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Napean Road, Malabar Hill, Bombay, Jan & Feb. 1910.

Total 21pp., 8vo (4) and 4to (17), some marking one hole with loss of two letters, but text clear and complete. A visitor to India, she is writing to her family in England. Her letters reflect the privileged lifestyle of the colonial British with accounts of visits to the races, dances at the yacht club, tennis matches, visit by the Sirdar, debilitating climate, and dinners at the Governor's residence. 'It felt like a play ...

[ Barrie Pitt, military historian, on the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965. ] Two Typewritten drafts of an article titled 'Kashmir - the Pawn', both with autograph emendations, and separate autograph notes.

Barrie Pitt (1918-2006), military historian and editor, 'Purnell's History of the Second World War' [ The Indo-Pakistani War of 1965 ]
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Neither item with place or date, but with covering letter to Malcolm Armstrong of the Reading Evening Post, dated from Roadside, High Street, Wargrave, on 13 September 1965.

In good condition, with light signs of age. ONE: Later draft, titled 'Kashmir - the Pawn'. 4pp., 4to. Two copies. Both with emendations in ink (one copy red, the other blue). The opening paragraph is arresting and , unfortunately, somewhat apposite: 'It is a great pity that wars are not fought for money, property or trade, for a cash settlement would be infinitely cheaper than the final price which mankind has to pay whenever armies begin to march.

Original hand-coloured engraving by 'J. Chapman, &c.', showing the 'Ceremony of Washing the Goddess Cali, and the Idol Jagan-Nath.'

[J. Chapman, engraver; J. Wilkes, printseller; Encyclopaedia Londinensis']
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'London Published, Oct. 14.1809, by J. Wilkes.'

Original hand-coloured engraving, two hundred years old. Landscape 8vo, with the dimensions of the plate 19 x 24 cm, on paper 20 x 27 cm. In fair condition, on lightly-aged paper, with smudge to top left-hand corner (not affecting the image). A striking and attractive print, tastefully coloured, showing a boat filled with attendants, dwarfed by the Hindu goddess Kali (the Black One), who is garlanded with skulls and wielding a sword in one of her four arms, with a temple in the background.

Album of Press Cuttings, contemporary articles and autograph letters from the publisher's archive re. the publication of "The Ocean of Story", Translated by C.H. Tawney ]

From the Publisher's Archive [ N.M. Penzer, editor.]
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Charles J. Sawyer, London, 1924-1928

(The Ocean of Story) Album of Press Cuttings and Letters relating to the First Publication of The Ocean of Story; Being C.H. Tawney's Translation of Somadeva's Katha Sarit Sagara, Edited by N.M. Penzer, as published by Charles J. Sawyer, London, 1924-1928, as follows: 4to., 75pp., of press cuttings, contemporary articles and letters. (Some dust staining but otherwise good). The Autograph Letters comprise:Collins (J.P.) TLs, 3pp., 8vo., with ms. postscript and corrections, from St.

Typed Letters Signed (two) to W.G. Raffe, author of "Dictionary of the Dance".

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Brussels6 and 21 Dec. 1949.

Srimathi Mirabai, Indian Classical Dancer - "India's Pavlova". One page each, large 4to, good condition, the second has a representation of an Indian dancer cut from corner (present in first), with some additions in Mirabai's hand. (6 Dec.) She gives information about her activities, the tour, her studies, her performances in India and Ceylon, enclosing a photo (not present). (21 Dec.) She gives some idea of the thinking behind the tour, testing whether Indian Classical Dancing would be successful in London and Europe. Her partner has returned to India but she has her eye on another.

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