[ David Ricardo, economist; Minchinhampton; Napoleonic Wars ] Manuscript List of Subscribers to a Public Dinner for local "Labouring people" to celebarte the defeat of Napoleon.

[ David Ricardo, economist; Minchinhampton; Napoleonic Wars ]
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Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire, [1815/16]
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Three pages, folio, bifolium, fold marks, aged, some chipping, text complete and clear. [Title] "Subscription to defray the Expenses of a Public Dinner on the day of Thanksgiving [18 January 1816] and to enable the Labouring people of Minchin hampton to join in the General rejoicings on account of the late Glorious War having been Crowned by an Honourable Peace and a return of Plenty".A list of 112 names (mostly male) with the sums they wish to subscribe, ranging from £35 (David Ricardo, economist, spelt "Recardo", and "lord of the manor" of sorts; sum equivalent to near £3500 today), to £10.10.00 (second best) to 10s (lowest). Total raised: £246.9.0. Ticks against all entries with other sparse notes, most in one unidentified hand. The other subscribers are presumably the local well-to-do, including the publicans. Docketed, "Expended at Minchin-hampton at the Conclusion of the War [with?] Bonypart [sic]".Ricardo bought Gatcombe Park in 1814 (now a royal residence) from the proceeds, I understand, of speculation. This document provides a curious insight into his more private life, and income.