[ Gavin S. Jones; MS (author's) additions & changes; book; Proof Copy? ] The Story of My Escape from Fatehgarh

[ Gavin S. Jones ][ Ed. T. Gavin Jones, the author's son?]
Gavin Jones
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No imprint or colophon [[Cawnpore:] Printed at the Pioneer Press, by Geo. Sim, 1913 ]
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Pp.77, 8vo, grey paper (front) wrap (missing back wrap), closed tear penetrating middle of several pages (c.1-2cms), wrap and back page grubby, wrap with marks (see image), overal condition poor-fair. With bookplate with stamp indicating the book was disposed of by the RUSI. WITH MS Corrections and Additions by the author with the word Corrected written by him on front wrap. After signing off the printed work as if a letter, Gavin S. Jones. | Cawnpore, 5th Feb. 1886, he writes, For services rendered during the mutiny with the army, when Sir Colin Campbell, the C in C advanced from Cawnpore on Fatehgarh, the writer had the honour of being mentioned by Lord Canning - Governor General of India - in his dispatches to the House Government and was awarded the Mutiny Medal. Other authorial additions/changes include: the introduction of single words or letters; plurals to singulars; added information (p.9 adds 10th to Regiment); substitution( p.9 in the presence of instead of before; dummy for sham-guns, p.12); adding words to make more sense (p.14, infantry drawn up in battle array); greater detail (p.27 adds to banks of the Ganges at the extreme rear of the fort); added detail (p.31 At this crisis was hit on the right shoulder by a musket ball); and so on. Presumably these changes were put into force in the published edition which is scarce (2 copies listed by WorldCat, 2 currently on the market).