[ Daphne Charlton (Stanley Spencer)] A Miscellany of Material from the Archive of Daphne Charlton, Lover of Stanley Spencer and Artist. Diaries. sketches, letters, etc.

[Daphne Charlton, lover of Stanley Spencer, Artist]
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1. Autograph Note Signed Shirin Spencer, daughter of Stanley, to Daphne, 23 June 1961, in envelope:Unity [sister] and I were both so sorry to hear that you had lost your father in such a sad way. We send you our love and sympathy.; 2. Two Typed Letters Signed Andrew Boyle, sometime BBC producer, author, one page each, 30 Nov. and 11 Dec. 1962, about his inclusion of her in a programme about Spencer. [...] Yours is such a fascinating story, so personal and so vivid that it would be wrong not to have you in the programme; 3. Autograph Letter Signed Daphne to husband George Charlton, also an artist, 4pp., 12mo, putting George in his place angrily, commencing, You should attend to the most useful [underlined] aspects in life, (exclusively) & stop your constant meddling with the concerns, & issues, of others. As the letter turns out, interfering with her life, behaving like a maniac etc; 4. Three pocket diaries (Daphne Charltons's - signed), 1943, 1967, 1968, fair only, poor in parts. 1943 Diamond Diary, few entries of people's arrivals, departures (e.g. George left Llandaff), meetings, lunches, appointments (Doctor twice in December). 1967 (Artists' Diary) Full of entries: Unity's phone number, names and addresses, sketch (female face), talk to be given (Anti-romantic), costs of shopping at Sainsbury's, 15-19 Jan. more sketches (or scribbles), other shopping, 18 March dress rehearsal [?], church, travel (France), playing organ, preparations for a party, domestic activity, plan for pictures on religious notions, pound devalued, packing list,sparse addresses and telephone numbers. 1968. Many entries. Phone numbers and addresses, appointments, Weight 13 stones 5lbs, foreign travel, [5 May] painted St Paul midday, letter writing, events, Kennedy shot 9 am, James offered portrait commission (5 June); Small folder of Passport Photographs (2 of an older Daphne, two others unidentified); [Printed] Order of Service (In Memoriam Stanley Spencer), bifolium, poor condition; Programme, bifolium, Exhibition Stanley Spencer (1891-1959), Merradin Gallery (1972); Catalogue, Paper covers, The Observer Exhibition Portraits of Children, R.W.S. Galleries ([1960]), including Spencer and Daphne Charlton's work, 12pp.; Sketches (assumed to be by Daphne - SEE IMAGE) on Envelopes addressed to Daphne Charlton (2 from George, both with letters from him), one addressed by Daphne to The Editor (no letter enclosed)(The TImes), a series of eight scribbles or sketches, pages from notebook, 14.5 x 20.5cm [SEE IMAGE]; Notes in Daphne's hand headed Music listing pieces by Bach, and a note to Shorten Black coat and alterations to other clothing in Daphne's hand on back of envelope (letter from John present).