[Charles Kingsley, John Bowring, Henry Rawlinson, T.H. Huxley and others] Fourteen (14) Signatures mainly of people of distinction. See image.

Charles Kingsley, John Bowring, Henry Rawlinson, T.H. Huxley and others
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Paper, 13 x 12cm, minor defects, apparently (from vestige of another signature at top) trimmed, remaining signatures clear, as follows: Charles Kingsley, C. St Davids, John Bowring, H[enry] Rawlinson, Egerton Ellesmere, Lyttelton, David Masson, T.H. Huxley, [Charles Nicholson?], J.W. Blakesley, W.S.W. Vaux, [J. Duffin Hardy?], J. Brewer, Devonshire. Presumably they were attending a meeting (event) of some sort of Club, perhaps the Athenaeum, but the presence of Devonshire at the bottom of the list suggests a gathering of the Devonshire Association. Bowring was its first President (1863) and Kingsley its ninth (1871). The Devonshire Association (DA) is a learned society founded in 1862 by William Pengelly and modelled on the British Association, but concentrating on research subjects linked to Devon in the fields of science, literature and the arts.