Autograph Letter Signed ('Fred Norgate') from the London publisher Frederick Norgate (of the firm Williams & Norgate) to [John] Lawler, concerning the printer William Caxton and bookseller Bernard Quaritch.

Frederick Norgate (1817-1908), British publisher, of the firm Williams & Norgate [Bernard Quaritrch; William Caxton; John Lawler]
Frederick Norgate (1817-1908), British publisher,
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29 July 1902; 7 Edith Road, London.
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12mo, 3 pp. Bifolium. 47 lines. Text clear and complete. On aged paper, wear and fraying to extremities. The cutting which Lawler leant him 'has helped me to trace one stage further in the wanderings of more than one vagabond Caxton'. Refers to John Winter Jones's discovery of a copy in the British Museum of the 'Quatre Derrenieres Choses', 'now more than 50 years ago [...] it has remained absolutely unique until our old friend at 15 Piccadilly [Bernard Quaritch] came upon a 2nd copy'. States that he himself 'scanned it & found what neither [Winter Jones] nor Blades (20 years after him) ever dreamed of - viz. that it wanted two leaves in the middle of the book! this was in 1884'. Recounts how "'Q' (whose copy has 'now gone across the Atlantic') described his copy (wh he bought in July 1884) as wanting 3 leaves, but I proved to him that he only wanted 2, so both he & the B.M. were by my discovery enabled to get facsimiles which without my help wd. have been impossible!' Ends by discussing 'a rather comical misprint', which seems 'almost the only thing my old eyes are now good for detecting!'