Autograph Letter Signed from the 'actor-dramatist and film adapter' Forbes Dawson to the naval writer 'Bartimeus' [Captain Sir Lewis Anselmo da Costa Ricci], describing his credentials for adapting stories for film.

Forbes Dawson (b.1866), English 'actor-dramatist and film adapter' ['Bartimeus' [Captain Sir Lewis Anselmo da Costa Ricci [in 1941 altered to Ritchie] (1886-1967)]
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On his letterhead, 15 Merton Hall Gardens, SW20. 14 August 1934.
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1p., 4to. On aged paper. Printed in block capitals at head of letter: 'Experienced actor-dramatist and film adapter. Author of plays and films produced in England and America. Expert in "Dramatic Construction" gained in years of practical experience on the stage, and in films. Adapts stories to the talking films, the bigger the story with opportunities of being developed on a large scale, the better.' Addressed to 'Commander L. A. da Costa Ricci | Naval & Military Club, | 94 Piccadilly | W'. Dawson puts himself forward if Bartimeus considers 'Awfully Big Adventure', or any other of his stories 'adaptable to the talking films - [...] something that can be developed by dramatic & perhaps sensational situations - there is a market for such a thing | I adapted "A Gentleman of France". (Stanley Weyman) - & "Down under Donovan". (Edgar Wallace) - both produced here - wrote "Ambition" - produced in America - I am in touch with Hollywood - & glad to arrange to adapt something to put forward'.