Autograph Letter Signed "Edward George Lytton Bulwer", to [Barbarina Lady Dacre], about her Poems (published 1821).

Edward Bulwer Lytton, novelist
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Knebworth, Saturday morning [n.d. - pre-1844 when he became Bulwer-Lytton].
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One page, 8vo, laid down on another paper, fold marks and slightly crumpled, trimmed with loss of part of "K" of "Knebworth" only, otherwise text clear and complete. "It is with many thanks that Ireturn your Ladyship's Poems [...] I must differ from your Ladyship in the remark that 'Tragedy is not the field for female powers- I cannot help particualrly admiring the nobleness of the characters you have described, & the sentiments they atter are such as Man should utter. Man himself is indeed drawn throughout as Man should be - the being 'Who walks erect & looks upon ye heavens' - And this if we may believe Pope & your Ladyship will excuse the pedantry of another quotation is one of the highest perfections in Tragedy - [...] I have only one fault to find throughout the volumes & that is - the scarcity of minor Poems - what your Ladyship has given us are so beautiful but so few & so short that they only excite our wishes for more [...].